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"Make wishes. There are a million chances, that your dreams will come true soon." - V. Kasta.

Wedding, Baptism, Anniversary Invitations

In our gallery you can purchase unique, handmade wedding invitations, baptism invitations, anniversary invitations, that are created by an artist-designer. Invitations are made from high quality paper, decorated with luxurious details and artist's illustrations. You can also make a custom order for a special design.

wedding invitation, old pink, quartz rose tone, peonies, wedding, baptism, envelope with monogram

Invitation „Peony Bouquet“

Product code: 1133k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Card is made from white and pink cotton paper. Envelope is made from white shining paper.
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,79 €

Vestuviniai kvietimai, krikštynų, gimtadienio, dėžutėje, perlai, gėlė, balta, auksinė

Invitation „Gold & Pearls“

Product code: 1134k.

Set: invitation card, box, silk fibre inside. Invitation is made from milk white cotton paper and gold paper, dekorated with white gold paper flower.
Size: 16x11x1,5 cm.

Price: 4,49 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, laces, white heart, brown, natural

Invitation „Chic Vintage“

Product code: 1087k.

Brown craft color (with golden dust) paper, white laces, felted heart, linen string
Size: 10,5x14,8 cm.

Price: 3,45 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, vintage letters, natural paper, eco style, brown

Invitation „Vintage Letters“

Product code: 1091k.

Vintage style. Recycled light and brown (with golden dust) paper. Linen string.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 1,71 €

Wedding invitation, silver, grey, luxurious, embossed flowers, envelope

Invitation „Silver“

Product code: 1137k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Card is made from light silver paper with embossed flowers and grey silver paper. White envelope.
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,69 €

Wedding invitation, box, ivoryo, gold, butterfly, scrolled

Invitation „Butterfly“

Product code: 1136k.

Set: invitation card, box. Invitation is made from transculent gold paper. Scrolled. Ivory box.
Size: 14,3x3x3 cm.

Price: 3,99 €

Invitations, blue sailor stripes, gold, knot, sea, anchor, marinistic invitation wedding, baptism, birthday

Invitation „The Sea“

Product code: 1051k.

Marinistic invitation for a sea themed festivity, in a jacht or a ship, with blue stripes, a metal anchor and a sailor knot, made of a linen string. Sensitive accents in sand gold tones.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 4,59 €

Wedding invitation, red heart, white, natural, wool, organic, eco

Organic Invitation „Love“

Product code: 1092k.

Light recycled and handmade paper. Red felted heart. White linen string. Envelope – cover. Eco-friendly.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 3,74 €

Wedding invitations, birds, tree, heart, white gold, brown, envelope

Invitation „Tree of Love“

Product code: 1135k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Card is made from shining white gold paper and brown (with gold dust) paper. White gold envelope.
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,89 €

Wedding invitations, off-white, natural, recycled, eco friendly, red, birds, heart, envelope

Invitation „Birds“

Product code: 1138k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Invitation is made from natural, recycled, off-white paper and red cotton paper. Envelope decorated with felt heart. Eco-friendly
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,79 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, luxurious, gold color

Invitation „Golden Luxury“

Product code: 1090k.

Ivory and gold (glitter) color. Relief paper. Satin ribbon. Luxurious, classic.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 3,74 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, luxurious, gold, brown, stripes

„XVIII Century Elegance“

Product code: 1110k.

Luxurious, XVIII century inspired. Ivory, brown, gold colors. Stripes. Satin ribbon. Swarovski crystal. Initials.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 3,92 €

Wedding invitation, baptism, birthday, natural, recycled, brown paper, silk paper, aged gold leaves

Invitation "East"

Product code: 1141k.

Natural, recycled brown paper, ivory relief paper. Decorated with silk paper with aged gold color leaves.
Size: 10x14,6 cm.

Price: 1,99 €

Wedding invitation, natural, rustic, eco style, village, grey, brown, linen, birds

Invitation "Rustic"

Product code: 1142k.

Cozy, rustic eco style for wedding in the village. Natural, recycled brown and gray paper, linen string. Photo: invitation outside and inside.
Size: 10x13 cm.

Price: 2,19 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, luxurous, white

Invitation „Silk Classic“

Product code: 1089k.

White relief (factured) paper. Golden accents. White silk fibre. Satin ribbon.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price: 2,87 €

Invitation wedding, baptism, anniversary, luxury, royal, su silk, white, gold, silver

Invitation „Luxury Air“

Product code: 1040k.

White relief paper. White silk fibre. Gold and silver accents. Metal details.
Size: 10,5x14,8 cm

Price: 3,74 €

Wedding invitation, green, rustic, with envelope

Invitation „Green“

Product code: 1139k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Card is made from white paper. Envelope is made from light green cotton paper, decorated with another paper inside. It is possible to change color and pattern.
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,99 €

Wedding invitation, natural off-white, envelope with names, flowers

Invitation „Among Flowers“

Product code: 1140k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. Invitation is made from natural, recycled, off-white paper and silver paper. Envelope with names.
Size: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,89 €

Wedding invitation, luxurious, old, silver, manor times, marble

Invitation „Manor“

Product code: 1143k.

Inspired by old manor times. Aged like. Silk paper with silver ornaments, light gray marble texture paper.
Size: 10,5x14,8 cm.

Price: 2,76 €

Wedding invitation, silk paper, cotton paper, silver luxury, eco chic

„Silver Luxury“

Product code: 1144k.

Silk paper with silver drawings and milk white cotton paper. Eco chic style.
Size: 10,5x14,8 cm.

Price: 2,29 €

Wedding invitation with cherry blossoms, sakura, invitations, baptism, birthday

Invitation „Cherry Blossoms“

Product code: 1147k.

Set: invitation card, envelope. White invitation with blush pink accents. Made from white, shining paper and white relief paper. Illustration – cherry blossoms, sakura. Handmade shining envelope.
Dydis: 14,6x10,5 cm.

Price: 3,79 €

Wedding invitation, baptism, birthday, natural craft paper, mandala, quote, personalization

Invitation „Mandala“

Product code: 1148k.

Invitation with artist illustration – mandala. Options: with quote or personalization (bride's and groom's names, wedding date). Natural craft brown paper and white cotton paper.
Size: 10,5x14,8 cm.

Price: 2,59 €

Wedding invitation, gold, sand, sea, beach, seashell, shell, sea star, plumeria

Invitation „Golden Sea“

Product code: 1150k.

For an elegant beach themed wedding. Light, pastel tones, gold and white paper. Seshells, sea stars and pearls illustration. Envelope made of shiny white paper.
Size: 14x14 cm.

Invitation: 2,69 €
Envelope: 1,49 €

Wedding invitations, anchor, nautical knot, pastel blue, powder, gold, sand, sea, beach,

Invitation „Anchor“

Product code: 1149k.

Nautical wedding invitation (light blue water color, sand gold, warm white) with anchor illustration and linen string with nautical knot. You can buy it without string.
Size: 13,5x13,5 cm.

Price with string: 3,89 €
Price without string: 3,69 €



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We have an archive of our wedding invitations collections, where you can find ideas for your custom orders.