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"Collect things you love, that are authentic for you,
and your house will be your story." - E. Flett

Author Design Textile Products for Home

Handmade Lithuanian home textile, created by an artist-designer. Natural, eco-friendly products. Lithuanian linen, cotton, wool, silk. Woven, handmade embroidered fabrics. Table runners, napkins, pillowcases, clipcovers, bedding linen, blankets, plaids, towels and more...

gift baptism, christening, baby shower, child linen plaid, blanket

Baby Blanket „Panda“

Product code: 385t.

Linen 100%. Handmade plaid with a hood, which imitates panda (with panda's ears). Double sided: one side is white, other – black. (Toy is not included).
Size: 100x100 cm.
Symbols: panda, linen.

Price: 45,00 €

Black linen pillow case with owls

2 Pillow Cases „Owls“

Product code: 919t.

100% black linen, decorated with 100% cotton pieces, embroidered with glass beads. Owls are different on each pillow case. Handmade.
Size: 43x43 cm.
Symbols: owl, linen.

Price: 55,00 €

Linen beach scarf, pleid, pareo, sarong, black, white, grey

Pareo (Sarong) Scarf „White-black“

Product code: 918t.

100% linen. A large multifunctional scarf, also known as a pareo o a sarong. Decorates with tassels and metal details. Natural, Lithuanian, prewashed linen fabric. Handmade product. (Bracelet not included).
Size: 115x175 cm.
Symbols: tassel, linen, pareo, sarong.

Price: 49,00 €

Woolen slippers. Felted. Handmade. Embroidered

Woolen felted slippers „Cosiness“

Product code: 920t.

Handmade woolen slippers, needle felted, embroidered with glass beads and metal details. Inside: black and white. Outside – white (natural white color od wool). The sole is soft, without reinforcement.
Size: 37-38.
Symbols: flower, wheel.

Price: 89,00 €