Home Talismans

"Things are materialized thoughts." - F. Gartman

Handmade Talismans for Home

Somebody said, that there are two ways to live: one – to think, that miracles do not exist; the other – to believe, that all life is a miracle. We have chosen the second one. We discover miracles in the Universe and we make miracles by our own hands. Things we create can be called the alchemy of art, esotericism and nature.

Home talismans are unique interior decor elements, which purpose is only to decorate your home, but also to make it a place, where you can feel safe and cozy. Talismans share their energy with you, clean surrounding space, harmonize, attract happiness, luck or other things, which are specific for them. Some features of talismans are given by nature, some of them – by a human.
It is known from the ancient times, that gemstones have a special influence. One gemstone fits for everybody, the other – almost for none. Sensitive people can feel, what kind of gemstone they need this moment. Otherwise, it is recommended to read a specification. And if you are looking for something more, something, that is made special for you, you can order personalized talisman.

Collect stones on your way, as one wiseman said, because you can made your dreamed home of them.

Talisman for home, agath, hand-painted mandala, Swarovski crystals

Talisman for home "Mandala"

Product code: 871bd.
Agate gemstone, handmade painted by an artist and decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Size on photo: 8 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Made by order (30-70 €).

Talisman for home, serpentine, handpainted on stone, Swarovski elements

Talisman "Wizard's Stone"

Product code: 878b.
Serpentine gemstone, handpainted and dekorated with Swarovski elements. Size: 4 cm.
Symbols: serpentine, mandala.

Price: 29,00 €

Talisman for home, agate, handpainted on stone, wedding gift

Home Talisman "Mandala V"

Product code: 879b.
Light grey agate gemstone.
Size: 5 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Not in stock

Light, nude color, agate gemstone, home talisman with madala

Home Talisman "Mandala IV"

Product code: 877b.
Nude color agate.
Size 7 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Not in stock

Home talisman, black agate, hand-painted gemstone

Home Talisman "Mandala II"

Product code: 874b.
Black agate.
Size 9 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Not in stock

Jewelry, talisman for home, agate, hand-decorated, blue, gold, mandala

Home Talisman "Mandala III"

Product code: 876b.
Violet-blue color agate.
Size 6 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Not in stock

Talisman for home, agate, painted rock, Swarovski crystals

Home Talisman "Mandala I"

Product code: 871b.
Grey agate.
Size: 8 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Not in stock