Gift Certificate

Magic Card, which makes wishes come true

Gift certificate, voucher


• Paper gift certificate with envelope: 001dv
• Paper gift certificate with gift box: 002dd
• Digital gift certificate: 003de


From 15 € up to 300 €, as you wish.


This Magic Card makes dreams come true. The original text of this gift certificate (voucher) will teleport you to a mystery world and allow you to feel like in a fairy tale, where all your wishes comes to reality...

Our products and services:
• Interior details
• Home textile
• Jewelry, amulets, talismans
• Portrait drawing
• Artworks
• Services for weddings (invitations, festivity decoration)
• Artistic services

We can personalize gift sertificates and write your text.

Our standart decorative envelope or a gift box comes with a gift certificate for FREE. If you would like to include something additional (souvenir, special decoration, etc.), it can be extra charged.
Gift certificates are not exchangeable for money. We are not honour a gift certificate after the expiry date.